Paintings are born on the ride

Painting ideas are the direct result of my contact with nature. Riding and Painting are similar. Both are forms of moving meditation, where time and thought disappear. I travel by bike to scenic places. When something catches my eye, I use that inspiration to create a new piece.


 In this short video I show photos and the resulting painting.

Inspiration in Baja Mexico - a video

I'm often asked how I get the ideas for my paintings and the simple answer is I spend as much time as possible outside having as much fun as I can. I then bring that energy into my studio and hopefully it emerges on canvas. But a video is worth a thousand words, so here is my first blog video.

A Working Trip to Mexico

My normal travel to Mexico has been restricted this year.  I did however get the opportunity to head back to Baja for some work and perhaps a little play. 

This commissioned piece was enough to get me down there and enjoy some sunshine. 

While there I had an art class with some of my most faithful.  Look what these guys did in just a 2 hour class.  Amazing!

The Colina Del Sol art festival was a success as always.  I appreciated a chance to be a part of it this year. 

The art show went well.  Not only did I have sales, I got to re-connect with many of my friends. 

Yes I did have a chance to sneak in a little fun time. Gotta be on the look out for that next photo/painting op you know.

Show and Sell - White Salmon Fall Art Tour

My small town of White Salmon, Washington boasts incredible talent, so when this group of amazing artists conceived the idea of hosting a Fall Art Tour, I was all in.

fall art tour pop up space.jpg

The most challenging aspect of art shows is the sitting in one place for seven hours. My neighbor, Peggy Ohlsen, whose paintings I've admired for years, invited me play scrabble. The day flew by.  We laughed and had a great time.   

Turns out we were kindred spirits. 

In the end, she beat me in scrabble and bought a painting.

It was a successful first year and we are already planning greatness for next October's show. Find out more. . 

Expanding Horizons

You never know where life’s circumstances will lead you. While sneaking off to explore the offerings of eastern Oregon, the GPS took us on a short cut that didn't quite work out. Retracing our steps brought us to night fall and camping in a wind farm. The whirring blades lulled me to sleep and in the morning light I was struck by the landscape.

There was nothing but glowing grass as far as the eye could see. Projecting from that flat surface, in stark contrast, were these white towers. The juxtaposition stuck me.


I’d been toying with the idea of abstracting my landscapes. This image seemed like the perfect platform from which to dive.

photo 3 (5).JPG

I learn every day when you are open to the unexpected, the possibilities are endless. I’m loving the new direction in which I’m headed. I hope you do too.

Daisies and Mount Hood

How do these paintings come about, you ask. It's different with every piece. This one began with the idea of painting Mount Hood, daisies and some crazy grass colors. I painted this from my head with no photographic reference.

 20x24 - sold from Pine Street Bakery. 

 20x24 - sold from Pine Street Bakery. 

photo of daisies and mountain_2.jpeg

I was excited when visiting a friend at Gorge Crest in Underwood, Washington, I spotted these beautiful daisies. I got down on the ground to shot this photo so the flowers would break the plane of the mountain and sky, just like the work done from my imagination. 

Now I had the photographic reference for the painting I'd conceptualized a year earlier. I did some flower editing and sharpened the mountain image.

18x24 - $400 - available

18x24 - $400 - available

Here is how my first painting turned out. I used the photographic reference a lot and kept the colors fairly close to the image. 

36x48 - custom

36x48 - custom

I was pretty happy with the first painting so I created another in a 30 x 40 format. I shifted the color and lighting to create more drama. I submitted this painting to be accepted in the Gorge Artist Open Studio Tour 2015

I was thrilled when this painting was selected to promote the 2015 tour. The Columbia River Gorge is a wonderful community of phenomenal, supportive artists and I am honored to count myself among them.