Expanding Horizons

You never know where life’s circumstances will lead you. While sneaking off to explore the offerings of eastern Oregon, the GPS took us on a short cut that didn't quite work out. Retracing our steps brought us to night fall and camping in a wind farm. The whirring blades lulled me to sleep and in the morning light I was struck by the landscape.

There was nothing but glowing grass as far as the eye could see. Projecting from that flat surface, in stark contrast, were these white towers. The juxtaposition stuck me.


I’d been toying with the idea of abstracting my landscapes. This image seemed like the perfect platform from which to dive.

photo 3 (5).JPG

I learn every day when you are open to the unexpected, the possibilities are endless. I’m loving the new direction in which I’m headed. I hope you do too.